The top ten brands in 2015; and among them four Australian winemakers have been released by Drinks Business.

And to think that the Australian wine market is so poorly returned. It just emphasises that someone must be big, be dominant, and understandably most of that wine will be ordinary, for the ordinary drinker in the street.

The list: 

  1. Barefoot (owned by Gallo, US)
  2. Gallo (US)
  3. Concha y Toro (Chile)
  4. Robert Mondavi (US)
  5. Sutter Home (US)
  6. Yellowtail (Aus)
  7. Hardys (Aus)
  8. Beringer (US)
  9. Treasury Estates (Aus)
  10. Jacob’s Creek (Aus)

Well that says a lot. Where are the big European brands? Not to be seen; or never large enough yet profitable. Makes we wonder why these Australian brands have climbed this tree of mediocrity where volume is king.

But then again, the people at Beringer, and Treasury Estates own the Australian icon, Grange. Now that is profitable!

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