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  • Tour ConciergeLooking for a travel concierge or assistance in finding the right winery for that French wine you adore?

    Many years of travel in wine amongst many of the major wine regions has given me the experience to open doors and create a perfect experience.  Let a Master of Wine (one of 325 in the world) take you behind the scenes or visit places not normally giving access to wine tourists.

    Would you like to have your restaurant and hotel reservations made when visiting the major wine regions in France and Italy?

    We now offer this service on a limited basis for premium wine travellers wishing to be well briefed and excellently received at their stays of choice. Uncorked has experience in quality, appropriateness and timing for visits. Let us help!

  • How can Uncorked and Cultivated help you transform your vineyard plans into reality?
    • We can support your dream with feasibility studies and downstream implementation.
    • Do you own country property? We can professionally determine your best vineyard site. Alternatively, we can help you understand the requirements of distinguished vineyard characteristics before acquiring land. Terroir, terroir!
    • Our wine consultancy can deliver current industry knowledge of what to plant, how to nurture it and which varieties will remain market relevant five and ten years on.
    • We can play a part in your vineyard design: spacings, trellis, planting and soil adjustment.
    • We can manage your installations, vine training, summer and winter management and seek a grape supply arrangement.
    • We can help you with HR. Let us appoint your dream vineyard manager!

    Contact us to find out more.

  • We can capture your winery and cellar door architectural dreams and deliver a functional winery of suitable budget and capacity by sharing our expertise in:

        • winery layout
        • workplace efficiency
        • process design and automation
        • wine storage, refrigeration and bottling
        • software
        • waste management
        • occupational health, safety and environmental issues
        • dry storage
        • turn-key operations.

    Together we can plan your future economic expansion phases—contact Uncorked and Cultivated to make your dreams viable.

    Our Clients

    Barambah Wines Moffatdale South Burnett

    Cypress Post Stanthorpe Granite Belt

    Settlers Rise Wines Maleny Sunshine Coast Hinterland

    Barokes Wines Melbourne


  • TastingSince participating in his first Australian wine show judging (Stanthorpe 1974), Master of Wine Peter Scudamore-Smith  has mapped the evolution of Australia’s wine styles and concurrently benchmarks alongside the international equivalents. This has led to global recognition by the wine industry for his skills in wine show judging, wine assessment, wine making and wine education. Peter’s descriptive sensory skills reporting is dynamic, relevant and uplifting for new industry participants. Peter also excels in taking the everyday wine lover beyond the bottle to discover the intricacies of their own taste buds and thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of vine, wine and table. His finishing-off skills (the last stage before bottle closure) are held in high esteem by boutique operations. So what can Master of Wine Peter Scudamore-Smith deliver for you and your vineyard?
    • style finessing
    • blend improvement
    • fining and polishing tests pre-bottling
    • oak management review
    • grape supply improvement
    • post-vintage classification for grading into beverage, premium and super-premium standards.

    Contact Uncorked and Cultivated to engage the service of Peter Scudamore-Smith MW.

  • Legal-AdvicePeter is in demand as an expert witness for wine insurance cases. He will accept legal briefs in any Australian court jurisdiction. As a Master of Wine, Peter can testify with authority in many areas:

        • damage to wine caused by acts of God
        • salt and flood water contamination
        • refrigeration failure
        • cork failure
        • transport failure
        • any other similar incidents leading to wine insurance claims.

    Peter also assists loss adjusters in assessing wine values and subsequent salvage claims.  Contact us to find out more. 

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