France Wine Tours: Visit Champagne, Burgundy & The Rhône

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FullSizeRender2Do you fancy being a gastronome? Like to discover the grandeur of the great French wines with an Aussie Vin de Champagne Awardee and Master of Wine? Then jump on a Gallic grape escape with Uncorked and Cultivated. We deliver an exclusive experience to savour the l’art de vivre in the birthplace of wine culture and haute cuisine, a bespoke France wine tour.

Could any country offer a better mix of travel and pleasure than France? If you are dreaming of an authentic epicurean experience off the beaten track, this inspirational wine tour itinerary leverages off Uncorked and Cultivated’s established relationships in Champagne, Burgundy and the Rhône.
We offer you introduction-only visits to wineries often difficult to access.

Why not devote yourself to the sensuous enjoyment of travelling and savouring first class wine and food, hosted by Peter Scudamore-Smith, MW and his wife Denise, gastronomic aficionado? The heart of French culture is rooted in savoring the balance and flavours of its cuisines. A perfect wine pairing elevates delectable tastes to greatness, and who better to advise you in his laconic fashion than Peter Scudamore-Smith, Master of Wine? This is an extraordinary opportunity to perfect your palate.

Download France Wine and Food Tour Itinerary 20 May – 30 May 2019

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