• Master of Wine
    Master of Wine

    Peter Scudamore-Smith MW, founder and director of  Uncorked and Cultivated, holds the prestigious Master of Wine award – recognised as the highest achievement in the global wine community – and is the second person in Australia to be awarded this honour.

  • Appearances

    Peter Scudamore-Smith MW is renowned as a public presenter, master of ceremonies, tasting host and acting as a food pairing stylist for social and business occasions.

  • Services

    Uncorked and Cultivated offers a full range of tailor-made advisory services for new and established wine and viticultural businesses.

  • Wine and Food Tours
    Wine and Food Tours

    Peter Scudamore-Smith MW and his wife Denise are your friendly hosts for Uncorked and Cultivated’s Wine and Food Tours of Italy and France.


Welcome to Uncorked and Cultivated

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Uncorked and Cultivated is a global wine consultancy founded by Master of Wine Peter Scudamore-Smith. Based in Australia, we can help you with vineyard establishment, wine making, wine education, wine tours of Italy and France and wine writing.

Meet Peter


Peter Scudamore-Smith is a Master of Wine—recognised as the highest achievement in the global wine community—and is the second person to be awarded this honour in Australia. He advises private and public organisations on wine industry strategies and the production of wine from the vine to table.

Peter has global recognition in the wine industry as a wine educator, wine assessor and wine show judge; for his master of ceremonies and feature speaking roles; as a winery advisor; and as a public and trade wine journalist. Peter Scudamore-Smith,  Master of Wine, is the principal and founder of Uncorked and Cultivated, Australia’s leading wine consultants.

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