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The food and wine tour met all of my expectations and beyond.  The visits to selected vineyards and Peter’s knowledge of wines blew me away – it brought immense enjoyment and the tastings a great learning experience.  The restaurants and food absolutely superb (buonissomo). The locations and scenery just spectacular and the whole experience so well organised by Denise and Peter. DON’T MISS THIS TOUR OF A LIFE TIME WITH PETER AND DENISE – IT IS FULL OF SURPRISES!!

Brisbane, 2017

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My name is Andrew Jones, I have been in the hospitality industry since 1994, starting as a waiter/bar staff, then onto Bar Manager, Venue Manager and now General Manager.

While having a strong business knowledge on running bars, restaurants and bottleshops, I have always wanted to extend my knowledge base on alcohol, especially wine. On the recommendation of one of my staff, I attended Andrew and Peter’s tasting group, and was exposed to a completely new world of education and experience.

Learning to tell what wine is Old World or New World, what the varietal is, the styles, regionality, and quality, all from a blind tasting, and listening to my senses, matched to the knowledge gained with two Masters of Wine, is fantastic, and thoroughly worth any expense and effort.

Andrew’s wine masterclass experiences

It was probably the most challenging and rewarding experience of my career, and has stood me in good stead with my peers, clients, customers and employers. I have gone on to complete WSET 3 and am going on to WSET 4 (then hopefully to MW), and had great opportunities working with wineries, and winemakers from all over Australia and Overseas. I have also worked at the Barossa Wine Show as an Associate Judge (a most rewarding and enjoyable experience).

I would thoroughly recommend Uncorked and Cultivated as a great way “to learn from those that know”.

Andrew visited September 2015
Wine education: Learn from those that know Andrew Jones, General Manager Hospitality
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After experiencing the cheese and wine tasting with Peter Scudamore-Smith (Master of Wine) and his wife Denise from Uncorked and Cultivated, I am looking to join them in Tuscany, Italy, for a tour I cannot wait for!

Wine and Cheese Tasting Outstanding: Next stop Italy for Sally

What has excited me most is hearing that their tours are a truly unique experience, not generic, with invitation-only access to the world’s most exclusive wineries and restaurants and personal relationships with the producers behind them.

What treat for a food and wine lover like myself!

Sally, Brisbane 2016

Wine and Cheese Tasting Outstanding: Next stop Italy Sally, Brisbane
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Peter was instrumental in my passing the notorious Master of Wine exam: mentorship, camaraderie but most of all, instilling the self-belief and the confidence necessary to believe in success.

Peter and I worked together for over a year leading up to the exam. Essays and questions about the various disciplines that constitute the Theory portion of the exam were exchanged via e-mail. I was living in Tokyo at the time.

Subsequently I visited Peter in Brisbane, tackling the equivalent of a tasting boot-camp across a litany of wine styles: twice each day; for three-days!

Ned Goodwin MW shares his Master of Wine mentorship story

Peter’s office provided mock exams, suitable stemware and an ideal environment in which to concentrate while analysing the wines at hand. All wines were tasted blind under time-pressure, an environment designed to replicate that of the examination.

Be it to enhance one’s wine knowledge, for more rigorous academic pursuits, or for sheer pleasure, I can’t recommend Peter and his facilities highly enough.

Ned Goodwin MW

Follow Ned on twitter @rednedwine

Ned Goodwin MW shares his Master of Wine mentorship story Ned Goodwin MW
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I really appreciate Peter.  Actually I visited Peter’s office in my final preparation stage of  Master of Wine exams. This was one-on-one tasting training involving practical  paper-1 to 3. I did these three mock-practical papers for three days  like real exams and wines were carefully selected by Peter. These selections were considered to point out various styles of question, I could learn how to think, how to funnel down and how to detect in detail there.

In fact, most Japanese are regarded as very shy characters. I  think so. But in this lecture, I could ask a lot of questions directly to Peter.

Kenichi prepares for his Master of Wine exams

After these three days, I went to join real MW residential seminar in Adelaide. Of course, I did three more practicals and one more mock exam.

Through these many practical training, I thought that I could get consistency to answer each questions while practical paper questions were so various. Absolutely I got to feel more confident rather than  ever. On the final day out of three days, Peter kindly invited me to enjoy dinner together in his house because I am his grandchild student; my mentor, Mr.Ned Goodwin MW was his mentee.

Once again, I really appreciate Peter, and also really appreciate my mentor, Ned, who strongly recommended me to join Peter’s practical bootcamp and set it up for me.

Thank you very much, Peter.

Kenichi Ohashi MW

Kenichi prepares for his Master of Wine exams with Peter Kenichi Ohashi, Master of Wine
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Visiting the Uncorked & Cultivated premises of Peter Scudamore-Smith MW is always a great experience. ‘From the earth to the table’, you will find a motivating story and lessons full of wisdom at Peter’s wine studio.

Peter’s mentoring at Uncorked & Cultivated for my Masters of Wine studies has been crucial in supporting me to develop a global perspective when wine tasting. He consistently challenges my tastebuds and mindset.

Tasting with the Master

His tasting exercises and methodology have also helped both Ned Goodwin and Kenichi Ohashi to become Masters of Wine — both having passed through his door, looking for advise & mentoring at their time, and both received what they needed to gain this prestigious qualification, the pinnacle of all qualifications in the world of wine.

I feel with his support that I am also well on the road to achieving the Masters of Wine qualification also, to have the wine studio ‘Uncorked & Cultivated’ in Brisbane’s Woolloongabba is such a privilege.

The premises is conveniently located; close to the Gabba’s cafes, bistros & restaurants; within easy access to public transport; and is definitely a great option for presentations, training or small gatherings with wine professionals & aficionados.

I highly recommend the fabulous wine studio of Peter Scudamore-Smith MW.

David Stevens-Castro
Wine Expert & Consultant

Masters of Wine mentoring at Uncorked and Cultivated Brisbane David Stevens-Castro, Wine Expert & Consultant
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Denise and Peter have a fundamental understanding of hospitality and a generosity of spirit which underpinned the entire experience. We simply loved this holiday and would rank it as one of the very best we have ever had.

Excellent hosts on premium wine tour

They did a superb job of organising, paying attention to every detail.

Peter is very generous in sharing his wine knowledge and we all benefited enormously from the combined research, extensive networks and passion of our tour leaders.

Valmai from Adelaide, November 2011

Excellent hosts on premium wine tour Valmai from Adelaide
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The Tour led by Peter Scudamore-Smith was an excellent introduction to the important wines of Italy.

His expertise in wine is encyclopaedic.

An introduction to the important wines of Italy

He was generous with his time and knowledge.

The tour was well organised by Denise, his wife, who chose a wide variety of food experiences.

A friendly, relaxed atmosphere was maintained. In small numbers, comfortable transport and grand hotel accommodation, all facets combined to provide a memorable experience”.

Allen from Noosa, November 2011

An introduction to the important wines of Italy Allen from Noosa

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