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World top ten wine brands 2015 features Australian winemakers

The top ten brands in 2015; and among them four Australian winemakers have been released by Drinks Business.

And to think that the Australian wine market is so poorly returned. It just emphasises that someone must be big, be dominant, and understandably most of that wine will be ordinary, for the ordinary drinker in the street.

The list:  Read more →

Glassware Trends – Flutes out & eggs in

It has been some years since the “champagne flute” was banned from our drinking circles.

Now is the time to have a ceremonial glass crashing; just like our Greek friends who enjoy breaking plaster of Paris plates at weddings.

Out with flutes and in with coupes or bit of glass that does have a constricted aperture. Even young Maximilian Riedel, the specialist Austrian wine glass maker who has made a glass shape for most wine styles in the world, agrees.  Read more →

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