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Vintage flies: Queensland’s South Burnett wine region verdelho

Vintage 2021 is here in Queensland’s heart of warm climate winemaking, Moffatdale, in the South Burnett Geographic Indication (GI).  Master of Wine Peter Scudamore-Smith shares his experience of witnessing the first harvest of the 2021 season in the South Burnett Wine Region at Lightning Tree, Moffatdale.  Lightning Tree Wines vigneron Peter Stewart is the proud owner of the verdelho vineyard featured above, ready to harvest its vintage. 


Producer Lightning Tree Wines First Harvest #v21

Peter Stewart, Lightning Tree Wines owner, quips:

“We have very contrasting verdelho harvest dates; this year 4 January, last year 23 December (2019), several years ago it was late January — the vagaries of climate change are borne out”.

Peter Stewart owns Lighting Tree Wines on Tipperary Road, Moffatdale

The first pick of vintage 2021 is a small team effort — Clovely Estate’s contract mechanical harvester trundled down the verdelho vines yesterday morning at 5 am. Owner Peter Stewart, a local viticulture professional from Lightning Tree vineyard at 167 Tipperary Road, surveyed his beautifully clean berries.

Clovely Estate Pellenc harvests Lightning Tree Wines Verdelho Grapes. Image courtesy of Peter Stewart

Verdelho thriving in the South Burnett Geographic Indication (GI)

In this part of the wine world, the sub-region of Moffatdale in the South Burnett Geographic Indication (GI), verdelho is the go-to white variety. These vines make a great contrast in a sub-tropical estate of rolling green hills, Ironbark ridges and straw-brown fence lines.

Verdelho is a hero grape in the Moffatdale sub-region. Image courtesy of Peter Stewart

A variety with origins in the Portuguese island of Madeira, it likes the hot and dry, and in rare bouts of rain (currently in five years of drought), the vine canopy dries out and presents great fruit for harvest.

And for the winemakers around, Peter Scudamore-Smith reports,

“Baume 12.25,  pH 3.15, titratable acidity, 7.8 grams per litre, dominant pine and lime flavours.”

“By the sound of this, we need to taste this very soon. I have booked my tasting sample and I see my colleague at qwinereviews has done likewise.

“So I am witnessing my 24th vintage in the South Burnett Wine Region.”

Tip of the Tongue: saperavi wine now available in Queensland

It is no secret that the Georgian dictator Joseph Stalin who one ruled Russia exclusive drank wine of the saperavi grape.  Now here is a chance for Quensland drinkers, too.  Some of the largest Australian plantings of saperavi occur in the South Burnett.  The wines are richly coloured, the taste long-flavoured and very memorable … >> Read more


By Peter Scudamore-Smith, Master of Wine

Published in Queensland Smart Farmer,  Feb/Mar 2014


Tip of the Tongue: Dusty Hill vineyard estate heralds second life

The Prendergast family have been locals in Moffatdale village since early 1990s.  Their establishment, Dusty Hill vineyard borders the fringes of Lake Barambah, aka Bjelke-Petersen Dam, and back into the nearby ridges which support the north-south rows of grap vines.

Today, there is a new beginning for Dusty Hill vineyard.

Despite the first harvest of grapes int he 1999, that inaugural wine production happened nearby in a large winery.  From 2014, Joe Prendergast and his winemake Nick Pesudovs have commissioned a new winery directly on the property in the true concept of estate production-grown, made, bottled and sold on an dfrom the property to keen the connection.

When I asked Joe to describe the vineyard’s origin his reply was …   Read article

By Peter-Scudamore-Smith, Master of Wine
Published in Queensland Smart Farmer, Dec 2014 – Jan 2015

South Burnett’s wine entrepreneur – Moffatdale’s Maestro

A Leading wine entrepreneur of the South Burnett is Jason Kinsella of Moffatdale Ridge.  He is a commanding fellow, measured and gently spoken who always reminds me that he makes wine his customers’ enjoy.

So a visit to his brightly-painted, colonial-style cellar door built near Barambah Creek on a 145-hectare beef property is beckoning.  The imposing Moffatdale Ridge insignia pitched against the roof suggests a proud family business … Read article here.

By Peter-Scudamore-Smith, Master of Wine
Published in Queensland Smart Farmer, Aug – Sept 2014

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