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San Sebastian: pintxo hunts

What a day-pintxo hunting with Ane Ibarzabal of San Sebastian Food, and finding six different bars to eat and drink. One interesting Basque discovery really.

You see we are in the old Basque town of San Sebastian (called Donastia in Basque), and it takes a little deciphering of what is being said, and what is actually going on. Thank goodness there is a week to settle in also.

And while we were walking around I discovered this town was razed to the ground in a fire in a three way fight between the Portuguese, Spanish and French in 1813. See the plaque. One older building survived. Read more →

Tip of the Tongue: Cabernet Coup for Kingaroy Couple, Crane Wines

Bernie, 60, and Judy Cooper haven’t looked back after making a scenic change 10 years ago – heading inland from the big smoke of Brisbane to take over the well known Crane Wines label at Kingaroy.

Crane Wines is a hallmark brand in the South Burnett town that is known for agriculture-baked beans, great cattle and of course peanuts. Wine growing, making and selling has matured as a sophisticated business under Bernie’s tutelage. Established by the loveable John Crane, and his wife Sue in the 1990s, the winery began when John planted grapes on the red soil hillside at Haydens Road, Booie, in 1992, with his cellar door opening in September 1996, to be first in the South Burnett to do so.  ….  Read article

By Peter-Scudamore-Smith, Master of Wine

Published in Queensland Smart Farmer, May – June 2015

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