The wine industry is often accused of being too conservative, and repeatedly does not talk to its Gen X and Y drinkers. Well Watershed Premium Wines in Margaret River has found another way to communicate with baby boomers – a passion for a wave.

It’s no mean secret that the winemaking brigade there love a set: try Moss Wood’s Keith Mugford or McHenry Hohnen’s David Hohnen. It’s this lure which makes the place a lovely place to live.

That’s assuming that the recent proposal to build an underground coal mine goes away – as it may!

Watershed have introduced their sub-AUD 9.99 (USD 9.15) range called The Farm, which has nothing to do with cows or sheep.

It’s all about the surf. As you can see the label sports the famous VW “Kombi” van so popular with the surfing set in the ’60s and ’70s.

As the label says “The Farm surf break, is located in Bunker Bay, adjacent to Cape Naturaliste, 45 minutes north of the Margaret River townsite. Bunker Bay is protected from the strong southern winds, which so often destroy all good surf along the coast south of Cape Naturaliste during summer.

“When strong southerly winds are blowing The Farm regularly enjoys perfect surfing conditions. In winter the North West wind and swell combine for epic surfing sessions at The Farm. This surf break was discovered in the 1960s when you had to walk across farm paddocks, hence the name of the surf break, to reach the beach, and then the long trek up the beach to The Farm. Today you can park at Farm Break Lane, and you still have to trek up the beach.”

The back label has a very prominant map of Western Australia, with a black cross signifying this beach break. It encourages visiting surfers to ask locals the directions, and to not miss such an experience.

Further this label has been taken up by a German gallery specialising in retro-art, and has made The Farm label part of its exhibition this month.

Tobias Brunt of Direktorenhaus, a new art house/gallery likes The Farm Classic Red 2008; .

And the wines are USD 9 value; a Classic White, 2009, jesty dry blend, and Classic Red known by the latest jargon as a “3ormore” blend, 2008,floral, just medium weight, fresh and accessible value (a merlot, cabernet, shiraz, franc).

I guess the next label from Watershed may be intentioned for Gen X then, while they are on a roll.

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