This article appeared in The Week That Was on March 26, 2010.


Well over 100 wineries have pledged their top kit to the cause and the combined value is running at well over $30,000—quite a nice start, but we need to dig deeper, Australia. Henschke have tipped in six bottles of Hill of Grace and many wineries have offered museum stock and seriously precious bottles. Vanya Cullen has pledged half a dozen of her Kevin 07 Chardonnay, no more fitting wine for the current Prime Minister. Here’s some recent comments:

“As a fifth generation Eden Valley winemaker, celebrating over 140 years of family winemaking, it would give me the greatest Aussie pride to know that our Prime Minister highlights to the world leaders that our wine industry has the oldest Shiraz vines, oldest soils and some of the oldest wine families, with none better than Australia’s most famous single vineyard wine, the Henschke Hill of Grace.: 6 x 2005 Henschke Hill of Grace.” —Stephen Henschke.

“The beauty, individuality and quality of the best Australian wine needs to be appreciated and shared with world leaders at the PM’s table.” —Vanya Cullen.

“What a bloody good idea, what with all of us kicking into the wind both here and abroad, it would be great to see our highest office showcasing Australia’s finest!” —Julian Forwood, Wirra Wirra.

• To help ‘Restock the PM’s Cellar’ email

STOP PRESS FROM NICK STOCK—“We’ve nudged through $40,000 of great Australian wines pledged to the PM’s cellar. The Barossa is leading the charge and, with great Australians like Charlie Melton tipping in, it’s going to put some serious glow in some very important cheeks. Charlie says, ‘I indeed support your initiative for getting national leaders to represent their countries vinous offerings and we will offer up some fine red—6 bottles of 2006 Voice of Angels Shiraz. Since getting your email I have been pondering the contents of George W’s cellar. God forbid!’ Wonder what Obama found under the Whitehouse when he took office? Apple Jack? Matt Gant and John Retsas have pledged six bottles of their Minchia Montepulciano—‘in case Berlusconi heads Down Under!’ We need to balance it with more great Victorian and Western Australian wine!”

On March 30 I wrote to Queensland producers inviting pledges with assisted co-ordination. The aim is to reach an AUD 10,000 wine selection.

As of April 22 the pledges (AUD 5019) are:

Boireann Winery 6 x 2005 Shiraz Viognier @ AUD 330 “We are happy to add to Kevin’s cellar” – Peter Stark

Jimbour Wines 6 x 2003 Jimbour Shiraz @ AUD 360 “I wish to contribute” – David Russell QC

Settlers Rise 6 x 2005 Reserve Shiraz @ AUD 210 “OK Shiraz it is-I pledge six” – Simon Murray Manager

Ridgemill Vineyard 6 x 2008 Cabernet Malbec Merlot @ AUD 150

Heritage Estate 6 x 2007 Reserve Chardonnay @ AUD 330

Hidden Creek 6 x 2007 Tempranillo @ AUD 150 “the Granite Belt is making great strides with this Iberian variety” – Andrew Corrigan MW

Symphony Hill 6 x 2003 Reserve Shiraz @ AUD 600 “highest scoring shiraz at 2005 Sydney Royal Show” – Ewen McPherson

Clovely Estate 6 x 2006 Double Pruned Shiraz @ AUD 360 “I salute your request to fill the PM’s cellar” – Luke Firzpatrick, CEO

Sirromet Wines 6 x 2007 St Judes Cabernet sauvignon @ AUD 1800 “Sirromet will give their finest red since opening” – Adam Chapman, Chief Winemaker

Ballandean Estate 6 x 2009 Family Viognier @ AUD 150 “good things are happening with Granite Belt viognier” – Leeanne Puglisi-Gangemi, Client Relations

Warrego Wines 6 x 2006 Scarlet O’Bubbles Tempranillo @ AUD 153 “fabulous for celebrating any occasion” – Kevin Watson CEO

Preston Peak 6 x 2008 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Carmeniere @ AUD 198 “the first release with this intriguing old World variety”

Kominos Wines 6 x 2005 Reserve Merlot @ AUD 228 “my best trophy merlot” – owner Tony Comino

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