Jimbour Vineyard Met Station

Spring temperatures were mild and bud burst was during the first two weeks of September. Minimum temperatures (5.5-16.3 oC) averaged 10.7, maximum temperatures (13.5-31.3 o) averaged 24.5. Rain was 22 mm (6 d). There are no term averages for comparison. October remained mild with modest rainfall. Minimum temperatures (7.9-20.0 oC) averaged 13.2, maximum temperatures (21.0-33.7) averaged 25.6 o; a minimum 0.5 o higher than average, a maximum 2.7o lower than average. Rain was 74 mm (8 d). November remained mild with ample rain. Minimum temperatures (9.2-20.6 oC) averaged 14.1, maximum temperatures (19.5-33.6) averaged 29.5 o; a minimum 1.4 o below average, a maximum 0.6 o lower than average. Rain was 66 mm (10 d). December also remained mild with half of the days of the month cloud covered and showery. The rainfall influences came from the south west corner of the state where significant rain fell in the channel country and produced a month of flooding further west. Minimum temperatures (13.4-22.0 oC) averaged 17.8, maximum temperatures (25.2-33.2) averaged 29.6 o; a minimum 0.1o above the average, a maximum 2.3 o lower than average. Rain was 109 mm (16 d). The second half of December has been under the influence of a rain depression (997 mbar) situated 300 km off Fraser Island. The end of the month has been typified by wind gusts of 40-60 km/hr which assisted humidity reduction and played havoc with spray programs.

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