The 2006 Boireann reds are an impressive bunch-they stimulate the taster and create some intellectual thought about how such wines come about from this very special patch. The fact that it’s the coldest site in the Granite Belt accounts for some of the delicious flavours but this also exposes the vineyard to the worst aspects of nature-like the November 15 2006 blizzard of -6 oC which frosted out Boireann. Peter and Therese came to grips with their total loss and purchased grapes of their standard from other kind producers in the GI.

Merlot 2006 94 2.5 barrels-has concentration, power, nose is cedary, touch closed of course, lovely fine plummy fruit followed by powdery and close tannins, good alcohol warmth, picked at 12.8 Be. Drink 2010-2015

Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 93 3 barrels-great colour, very spiced, powerful, tobacco, concentration, touch of oak char, very fine, long tannins, close knit, picked 13.3 and 13.8 Be. Drink 2008-2014

The Lurnea 2006 95 3 barrels-wonderful violets and small flowers, so aromatic and encompassing, mouth sweet, soft, silky fine tannin, 40% merlot, 30% petit verdot, 30% cabernet franc. Drink 2007-2010

Barbera 2006 89 2 barrels-aromatic, jam, mulberries, nice varietal flavours, soft, has high natural acidity often found with this variety, picked 13.5 Be. Drink 2007-2009

Mourvedre Shiraz Grenache 2006 93 3 barrels-earthy, briary, peppery, great fruit palate, black cherry, enormous power, on the full-bodied and tannic side for this blend, 10% tannat, picked 13.6, 13.8, 13.2 Be. Drink 2010-2015

Shiraz Viognier 2006 94 2 barrels-great colour, heady aromas, white pepper, nose sweetness, big palate on the tannic side, supports the concentration, spice, depth and power, alcohol warm, picked 13.8 Be. Drink 2010-2020

Nebbiolo 2006 90 2 barrels-washed out colour, hard to ripen this variety, little oak shows, sweet mouth impression, lots of tannin, left unfined for lovers of this Piedmontese star, picked 13.5 Be. Drink 2007-2010

Latest vintage ratings (red only):

2000 Boireann 6/10 GI 8/10; 2001 Boireann 4/10 GI 6/10

2002 Boireann 8/10 GI 9/10; 2003 Boireann 4/10 GI 7/10

2004 Boireann 6/10 GI 6/10; 2005 Boireann 9/10 GI 10/10

2006 Boireann 7/10 GI 8/10; 2007 Boireann 7/10 GI 8/10

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