Interested in selling your fine wine collection? For some, this is a thought tantamount to sacrilege.

But what if your cellar was overstocked and you needed to make room for some new releases? Or you could be thinking “What if that bottle of Romanee-Conti Uncle Art gave us for our wedding adds up to an overseas airline ticket?”

It might be time to cash in on some of your prized bottles because your taste for reds has changed. Give yourself a gold star for resisting temptation!  This is where a fine wine auction house can help you realise your return on investment.

Wickman’s Fine Wine Auctions is always looking to buy and sell fine wine. Uncorked and Cultivated has a great relationship with this fine wine auction house, and has done since 2011. Master of Wine Peter Scudamore-Smith is often called upon to value wine collections, and to help Uncorked’s clientele realise decent prices for their stock through the auction system.

“Auctioneer Mark Wickman has been auctioning and valuing wine in Australia since 2003, and has been instrumental in helping Uncorked’s clients maximise their returns from wine investment,” said Peter Scudamore-Smith, founder and director of Uncorked and Cultivated.

“This is a fine wine auction house which has a bidder membership spanning Australia and Asia’s wealthiest private wine collectors, Masters of Wine, top restaurants, casinos, sommeliers, and commercial wine buyers. Wickman’s can guarantee you one of the most popular marketplaces in Australia to sell your wine, with clearance rates in excess of 70%!”

We asked Auctioneer Mark Wickman just how did your wine auction house come about? “In 2003 my 8 year old son wanted to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. One of the solutions was a charity wine auction. We raised $5000 that year and eventually created a commercial venture from those seeds”, said Mark.

PetrusAnd the most expensive bottle of wine you’ve auctioned? “That would be a 1962 Chateau Petrus from Pomerol in Bordeaux  for $10,000. A buyer wanted it for a 50th birthday celebration. Funny enough, shortly after a case of the 1962 came up for sale in the US and sold for around $12,000 USD per bottle. After 2012 the price dropped dramatically, no doubt there was not so much demand for 51st birthdays!”, said Mark.

Wickman’s is one of Australia’s leading wine auction houses. If you have excess wine, or your taste has matured towards Brunello and would like to consider selling them in an upcoming wine auction,  you will find information on how to sell wine with Wickman’s here.

Upcoming Wickmans Wine Auction Events

  • November Fine Wine Auction 9th November to the 16th November
  • December Fine & Rare Wine Auction 30th November to the 7th December

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