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South Burnett’s wine entrepreneur – Moffatdale’s Maestro

A Leading wine entrepreneur of the South Burnett is Jason Kinsella of Moffatdale Ridge.  He is a commanding fellow, measured and gently spoken who always reminds me that he makes wine his customers’ enjoy.

So a visit to his brightly-painted, colonial-style cellar door built near Barambah Creek on a 145-hectare beef property is beckoning.  The imposing Moffatdale Ridge insignia pitched against the roof suggests a proud family business … Read article here.

By Peter-Scudamore-Smith, Master of Wine
Published in Queensland Smart Farmer, Aug – Sept 2014

Some wine myths shattered by Master of Wine, Peter Scudamore-Smith – test your knowledge!

Test your wine knowledge today, with a few wine myths shattered by Master of Wine Peter-Scudamore-Smith. See if you can guess what’s fact and fiction! Read more →

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