Privacy Policy - Uncorked and Cultivated

Uncorked and Cultivated is dedicated to keeping your details private. Any information we collect in relation to you is kept strictly secured. We do not pass on/sell/swap any of your personal details with anyone.

Your privacy is protected when you visit this website.

Collection of personal information

Uncorked and Cultivated will not collect personal information unless the information is necessary for one or more of the functions on this website.

Uncorked and Cultivated will also only collect personal information by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonably intrusive way.

At the time of collecting personal information, Uncorked and Cultivated will advise the individual of:

  • the name and contact details of Uncorked and Cultivated
  • the fact that he or she is able to gain access to the information
  • the purposes for which the information is collected
  • the main consequences (if any) for the individual if all or part of the information is not provided.

Use and disclosure

Uncorked and Cultivated will not use or disclose personal information about an individual for a purpose (the secondary purpose) other than the primary purpose of collection.

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